By obustillos - December 14, 2016

On October 23rd, Loma Linda University held their My Campus event, an event that takes place three times a year and creates an opportunity for high school students to not only learn more about our campus, but about varying medical professions. In addition to being able to learn about careers in Allied Health and Public Health, there was also a mentoring opportunity where high school youth met with current LLU students and professionals.

While the whole event was a great opportunity for guiding their futures, many of the High School students said they enjoyed the mentoring portion the most. It gave them the chance to ask questions specific to their interests as well as information about financial aid opportunities they were not aware of. Students appreciated the advice they were given.  A few students from AB Miller High school mentioned how the event helped them consider more possibilities for their future career. One stated that he felt very much drawn to becoming a paramedic now, and he was very excited.  Another High School student, Xochilt Herrera, was able to learn a great deal about her possible academic future. Ms. Herrera mentioned that she would be the first one in her family to go to college and, therefore, had no connection to someone who had attended college. Currently she is considering to pursue either nursing or Occupational therapy, she felt like the biggest take away was to keep asking questions and to learn from her experiences.

While there were many different conversations occurring during the event, before dinner a few of the Loma Linda University volunteers shared some tips to help the students be successful in their education. Sam told the students that it’s very important to retain many of your first year college courses as the content in them can be important all the way to the end of Grad School.  Another student said that they need to not let themselves become intimidated by cluelessness and to realize that different classes may need different approaches to studying. Perhaps one of the best pieces of advice came from Stephanie who said to not give up on your schooling or dreams, and that failure does not mean that you cannot succeed.

School of Allied Health student Auriarna Anobile said she decided to volunteer because she saw a flyer about it and had been wanting to participate in outreach. She was really impressed with how eager and motivated the students were to learn more about college and health professions. She added that volunteering was a great experience and helped you to remember why you’re doing what you do.   

Personally, being able to participate in the My Campus event made me even more excited for my own future, perhaps the eagerness of those high school students was contagious. Even after the official end of the event, I had a small group of students seek me out in order to ask me more about Nursing, my own major. Seeing so many students so excited for their future truly was an amazing thing, and I hope they are able to hold onto such as they move forward in their academics and future careers.

The next My Campus event will take place Sunday, February 26, 2017, and will be highlighting the School of Behavioral Health, the School of Nursing, and the School of Pharmacy. Applications for High School students to attend the event can be found in the Community Programs tab at the CAPS LLU website.

Written by Danielle Johnson


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