By obustillos - January 5, 2017 —

In preparation to Thanksgiving, the LLU Student Association hosted the “Fall into Warmth” event on November 17th. Over 80 students came to help with making no-sew fleece blankets and assembling care packages for the homeless, consisting of everything from food to hygiene products. We started the night watching a video made by the organization we were partnering with, the Time for Change Foundation, allowing us to understand the situations of those who would be receiving these packages, as well as giving us a connection to this struggling people who we may never meet. Following an instructional video on how to make the blankets, we spread out and begun our work. There were many stations, the majority focused on assembling the blankets, as well as one for putting together the care packages and one to write letters to whomever may receive the packages.

The blanket making areas got us to get familiar with each other very well, as we were working in a small space. One or two people worked on cutting the fringe, while the others would start tying them together, laughing as our camaraderie grew despite working on such a simple project. In addition to the simple enjoyment of crafting, we prayed over the blankets and for those who would be receiving them.

While it may be easily overlooked, one of the most important station may have been the letter writing. While it might seem less vital than the actual packages, the letter has the potential to do much more than the packages could. While none of us knew who these packages would go to, and likely never would, we were thinking of and praying for these individuals. They all have their own, unique story, and even the smallest act or word of kindness may make a big difference. As the holidays approach, it is easy for us all to be more generous in our givings, whether it be our money and time. There are those struggling all year though and sometimes, whether it be a smile or kind word to a stranger or volunteering, we can help to lift up those in our communities.

Written by Danielle Johnson



I love it when we can work together to help the community!

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