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CAPS is your LLU campus hub for service learning opportunities. All students on campus are required to take place in Service Learning as part of their degree requirements on campus and CAPS is your connection point to our local communities. Our staff and the Academic Service Learning Committee coordinate service learning guidelines and projects for students. 

What is Service Learning?

Service Learning is a structured learning experience that combines academic preparation, collaborative relationships, community engagement, and critical reflection. Service learning is an educational opportunity where students can learn the attitudes, values, and skills to be a life-long community-engaged practitioner. Service learning is geared towards working alongside under-served communities, and includes communication and collaboration with a community partners, both before and after the activity. The purpose of service learning is for students to gain an appreciation for the strengths and needs of their community, and to find ways to meet those needs and learn from those strengths as a lifelong practice. Service learning is an opportunity for our students to work alongside communities to participate in mutual learning from one another and is based on reciprocity in service. 

Does CAPS connect students to Service Learning?

Many instructors for Service Learning courses will include their own service learning guidelines and opportunities within their course but for those who do not CAPS is here to help students. All of our volunteer opportunities are eligible for service learning hours and meet the criteria set forth by the ASLC. 

If you have questions please e-mail the Service Learning Coordinator at

Service Learning Resources