Watch the video below to learn why some LLU students decide to mentor community kids:

Student-Led Programs for the Community

The Healthy Neighborhood Project (HNP) is a student-run initiative, composed of multiple programs which address the health, educational, physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the San Bernardino community. Our student directors lead efforts to partner with local schools, organizations, and churches to facilitate students serving and learning about the strengths of our community through meaningful relationship building.

School-Based Programs

  • Project Hope: Expectant teen parents in multiple CAL-Safe programs are paired up with Loma Linda University mentors and participate in health and parent education, in addition to crafts and hands-on activities, Friday afternoons, at various high schools.
  • Special Ops: Students identified as at-risk by San Bernardino school principals, are partnered with Loma Linda University mentors for outdoor activities and creative projects, Friday afternoons, at various elementary and high schools.
  • Operation NEXTT (Navigating EXcellence Today for Tomorrow): This program was created by LLUH students and is designed to pair San Bernardino City Unified School District Black/African American students with ethnically matched mentors from Loma Linda University. This program aims to improve the academic performance, self efficacy, positive self-identity, and matriculation to higher education of black students in San Bernardino School district through weekly mentorship, tutoring, and academic enrichment that is facilitated by mentors that reflect their ethnic background.   

Community-Based Programs

  • Community Kids Connection (CKC) Academic Tutoring: Youth ages 5-18 are tutored by Loma Linda University students. Tutoring can be subject-specific, or to assist with completing homework assignments. Tutoring currently takes place online via Zoom but we hope to be back on an SBCUSD campus in the future.
  • Community Kids Connection (CKC) Music: Music lessons taught by Loma Linda University students are offered to youth ages 5-18. Instruments include violin, cello, piano and guitar. Instruments and cases may be provided upon request. CKC Music classes are on Wednesdays from 4:30 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. and are currently taking place in our community garden and online. 
  • La Escuelita Family Resource Center consists of programming geared for CKC parents and adults in the community. Classes and dates vary by instructor, but may include English as a Second Language (ESL), nutrition, aerobics, computer literacy, parenting, etc. Classes and workshops are currently taking place online and in our community garden space. 
  • Street Medicine: Loma Linda Street Medicine is a volunteer student-run outreach group whose goal is to provide a healthcare safety net for people without homes in San Bernardino. Street Med runs 1-3 outreaches a week to provide free and high quality transitional care under the supervision of Loma Linda University Health providers.
  • Healthcare Sparks: Healthcare Sparks works in partnership with the Dream Academy to provide health education to children and youth in fun and accessible ways by creating videos, media, skits, and more alongside youth from the community. Contact the director Danae Smart to learn more.

For more information or questions please contact us or the HNP co-directors:

Simone DeShields

Jin Hyun Moon