Street Medicine is something different.

Instead of pulling patients into the healthcare world, we meet people where they are. We grab our stethoscopes, put on our backpacks, and find those people who are never going to come to a clinic. We provide free medical care to anyone. We don’t have much, but you are welcome to whatever we have.


Loma Linda Street Medicine is a volunteer student-run outreach group aimed at serving the homeless populations of the city of San Bernardino, CA. We typically run 1-2 outreaches a week and seek to provide free and high quality transitional care under the supervision of Loma Linda University Health Services providers. We provide services such as medical checkups, drug counseling, flu shots, and more.

Known officially as the Underserved and Street Medicine Interest Group (USMIG), we are a branch of Healthy Neighborhood Projects that operates in parallel with Social Action Community Health System (SACHS). We are supported by the Loma Linda University School of Medicine, School of Allied Health, Department of Family Medicine, and Preventive Medicine Department as well as other volunteer providers.

Join us in being a neighbor to those who need it most right across the freeway and working to make all people whole.

How to Volunteer

Before participating in an outreach, volunteers must complete the following items:

  1. Complete the Risk Waiver Form: This is required before joining an outreach. Contact Karen Schiller at the School of Medicine Office of Student Affairs in Coleman Pavilion, Loma Linda University
  2. Get some background perspective and watch this powerful documentary about Dr. Jim Withers and Operation Safety Net, the first ever known street medicine program. By watching this video you will learn about the patients and providers of street medicine. You will gain a strong sense of what street medicine is like and will hopefully become inspired to practice it with us.
  3. Complete the online Street Medicine general orientation module
  4. If you're a medical student, please complete these online medical cases that review patient scenarios commonly encountered by our outreach programs

Volunteers who come to the outreach but have not completed their orientation materials (especially not signing the risk waiver) may be excluded from participating!

At the request of the Loma Linda University School of Medicine, first year medical students must be individually approved by the School of Medicine Office of Student Affairs before being able to participate in street medicine.

Once you have completed your trainings, please refer to our outreach schedule for the next outreach.

For Attendings, Physicians and other Providers

LLU Street Medicine can’t exist without attending physicians and other licensed providers (nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and licensed resident physicians) as part of the team. Indeed, that is often the limiting factor for our activities. If you are a licensed provider interested in volunteering with us, we would love to hear from you and look forward to you joining us on an outreach in the near future!

To volunteer, we request that you complete the following:

  1. Online Orientation
  2. Licensed Provider Application

For questions, please contact us at