Teach Music Lessons to Kids Ages 5-18

Music Tutoring is a program designed to introduce music to kids from the local San Bernardino. Many of these kids would not have the opportunity to interact with music or learn how to play an instrument without the Music Tutoring program. Proper technique, theory and reading music are taught on a weekly basis to kids learning violin, cello, guitar, piano, choir and more. Limited instruments and cases may be provided to kids who are learning.


Music Tutoring meets Wednesdays from 4:30 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. via Zoom link. There is an academic year commitment for Music Tutoring.


Volunteers are needed to teach kids how to play an instrument (violin, cello, guitar or piano) and about music theory. Tutors will sign-in and either partner with a child for the evening, or with a group of children in music theory. Consistency is key in developing a relationship with the student, mentoring them beyond notes on a page. 


For more information about volunteering with Music Tutoring, please contact the Music Tutoring Site Directors:

Siena Mirasol (smirasol@students.llu.edu)

Jaimee Carrillo- jscarrillo@llu.edu

or contact the CAPS office at caps@llu.edu